Thursday, 8 April 2010

Rubbing Fish Oil On Your Skin

Have you seen the articles on the internet suggesting that it might be a good idea to rub fish oil on your face. I have even some some of them that describe cutting open capsules to get your supply of fish oil. How many capsules would you need?

I did wonder if this was an April Fool joke. But then another thought occurred to me. Is it just sheer stupidity? There is a lot of talk about the health benefits of fish oil, including what it can do for your skin.

Could these people just have the wrong idea? Is it possible that they think that the only way to get a cosmetic benefit from this miracle skin oil is to rub it on directly? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fish oil does indeed help to moisturize the skin and it can begin to show results quite quickly. It has even been used with some success in treating eczema. But you don't have to rub it on. You just take the capsules.

People spend millions of dollars trying to look good on the outside while ignoring the damage they are doing on the inside. Some simple changes to our lifestyle can be as effective if not more so, than all of the expensive cosmetics.

One such change is a regular dose of fish oil. As I said, this can boost our health in a lot of ways and one of them is the improvement in the appearance of our skin. If it works for eczema, what can it do for just dry skin? I know from experience, it can make a dramatic improvement.

Some supplements have extra ingredients that are said to make it reverse some of the aging effects of sun exposure. Face creams that could do that would sell for many times more than fish oil does.

I am all for the benefits of fish oil and I am a daily user of supplements. But when it comes to rubbing fish oil on your face... No Thanks.

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